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Dawn Demers

Lifestyle & Wellness

About Dawn Demers

Dawn Demers is an imaginative and innovative leader based in Port Saint John, Florida. With over two decades of experience in business management and entrepreneurship, Dawn now spends her time freelancing for various online and print publications and serving as a life coach for women aged 50 and above.

While Dawn currently lives life with vivacity, energy, and inspiration, she did not always possess such a positive outlook. In fact, her lifestyle was completely turned on its head when she discovered her first-born child, her daughter, had special needs that would require lifelong attention and care. Without missing a beat, Dawn dropped everything, leaving behind her flourishing career in corporate America to take advocacy classes in the next state over and, ultimately, decide to make the insights she gleaned more accessible to families in similar situations back home.

From Dawn Demers’ will to spread knowledge sprouted a full-fledged non-profit organization, Oxford Hills Parent Awareness, which offered advocacy training and support to families of children with special needs, professionals within the educational field, and acted as a liaison with government agencies to develop new and improve existing policies, and lobbied for positive legislative change for the client population. Naturally, playing such an immense role in not only her daughter’s life but in other families’ lives took a toll on Dawn. After all, advocacy is incredibly rewarding but can be just as draining.

During the many trials and tribulations that were endured during this chapter of her life, Dawn often found herself asking, “How can I navigate this challenge with positivity and purpose?” Dawn sought out answers by immersing herself in the realms of spirituality. This decision led Dawn to discover her enthusiasm for Pranic Healing, Reiki, Native American shamanism, card reading, manifestation, essential oils, crystals, and more. These teachings and rituals provided Dawn with a new outlook on life — one that entailed pursuing her passions, adopting a healthier lifestyle, and sharing these tools, techniques, and inspirations with others. By taking these steps to improve her emotional, physical, and spiritual health, Dawn was able to discover her true niche in life: helping women ages 50 and older realize their purpose and potential.

Now, Dawn is immersed in developing 360 Way of Life, a vivacious online community of women who are re-committing themselves to living authentic, balanced, energized, and inspired lives. The main website also features content surrounding anti-aging, regeneration, and rejuvenation; navigating the trials of growing older like having an empty nest, changes in relationship status, career changes, financial shifts, grief, and loss, as well as various bodily changes, and discovering opportunities to embrace life’s adventures and have fun.

To glean further insight into Dawn Demers and 360 Way of Life, be sure to visit her blog page, which will feature content of a similar caliber.